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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Looking Back, Looking Forward

It has now been a week since my exhibit at SL10B was turned into a fiery pile of rubble. It has been a week to look back and reflect about my experience at SL10B and to look forward to what comes next.

Looking Back at SL10B and Forward to SL11B

It seems hard to believe that SL10B is over. After 3 weeks of preparation and 2 weeks of the event, it is now nothing more than a memory. As I look back at the exhibits that I enjoyed at SL10B, I find that they all  had one thing in common. They told a story, sometimes in very unique ways. There was Marianne McCann's History Walk that told the story of Second Life. There was Loki Eliot's "Behemoth" which told the same story but in a very different way. There was Whiskey Monday's "Single Frame Stories" that invited other residents to tell their own stories about "Community, Identity, and Creativity". Then, there was the A'stra Stage, two full sims to explore and to make up your own story about the ruins, the stage, and how it all came to be on the back of a giant turtle.

Last year, I came away from SL9B inspired to bring something to SL10B. The initial plans for my exhibit this year were made in those first couple of weeks after SL9B ended. This year is no different. I already have the basic outline for my exhibit for SL11B. It is an exhibit in which I want to tell a story. The challenge will be trying to tell an adult story on a General sim. But first, I have a goal this year to meet.

Goal: Make Something Magical

That is the goal that I set for my Second Life this year. As I move forward through the last half of the 2013, it is time to start working on that goal in earnest. I have, finally, decided on the project that I will tackle to accomplish this goal. It will require that I pick up a lot of technical skills that I do not have now. So, it will be a challenge. I have just under 6 months to make it a reality (Maybe 3 months, if I want to get it into BURN2.)  that is not much time, but as I learned from my experience at SL10B, It does not take much time if you know what you want to do.

- Linsey