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Friday, June 14, 2013

SL10B Opens to the Press

Today is a day that we have been anticipating at Inspired Creativity Studio. Today SL10B opened.... to the press. No it was not the full grand opening but a smaller one for members of the SL10B press. It was still a milestone, as it marked the end of work on our exhibit: Resident Input Required. We are proud to show you the results of our labor now.

Resident Input Required and the Magnificent sim

As soon as Press Days started, I took this picture of the Resident Input required exhibit. The exhibit stands 60 meters tall and represents the structure that supports the user experience in Second Life.

The exhibit Resident Input Required stands on the corner of 33rd and Busch
in the SL10B Magnificent sim.
At the heart of the exhibit is the platform with the big red button. When a resident pushes the button, the exhibit comes to life. More about that in coming days.

The Central platform and the big red button that turn the
exhibit on.
I took time to explore some of the exhibits on the Magnificent sim as well. Pictures of these will be posted tomrrow there are some great exhibits on this sim, The Catznip viewer and House of Alisha have 2 very interesting exhibits. on the sim. There are a few others that I will mention tomorrow, but now the sun is setting on the first press day at SL10B.

Sunset along the south cost of SL10B.
The tall slender tower on the left is the LGBT Media Tower. I took the elevator to the top floor and took the picture below.
The view from the top floor of the LGBT Media Tower on
the Magnificent sim.
This is a good place to call it a night. As this picture shows there are many more sims to cover.

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