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Friday, June 21, 2013

"Who Am I? Why Am I Here?"

The title comes from the famous line uttered by Admiral James Stockdale during his opening remarks of the 1992 U.S. Vice Presidential debate. I am beginning a series of interviews with people involved with SL10B to be posted on this blog. The first thing that I will be asking them is "Who are you? Why are you here?" I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule, which states "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I do not ask questions that I am not willing to answer. Here are my answers to the common questions that I will be asking others,

"Who am I?"

My name is Linsey Carter. I am the proprietor of Inspired Creativity Studio and an exhibitor at SL10B on the Magnificent sim. I am, also, a writer for BUSTed Magazine. I spend most of my time living and working on Sage Isle. I live as an adult and am not ashamed to admit that I engage in activities in Second Life that would offend others. I believe that Second Life allows each resident to live and express themselves as they wish. Such lifestyles and expressions should not be hindered by social norms or prejudices that others have against such things."

Why am I here?"

That is a good question. I have been in Second Life since April 2007. I have been a member of adult communities in SL for almost that entire time. I ignored SL4B through SL8B, mainly because it seemed that adult communities were not welcome and the controversies that perceived "adult content" at these events. I decided that it was not worth my time to go to an event that only wanted to show a sanitized version of Second Life, that was far removed from the Second Life that I lived and loved. 

That changed last year, in March I discovered the profile Feeds on By the time, SL9B came around, I was following several residents who were involved with it. They posted some amazing pictures from there. I was intrigued and decided to visit. So, I did, and I crashed. Again and again, I crashed within a few minutes every time that I landed at SL9B. Finally on the last day of SL9B, when the crowds were largely gone. I was able to get in and explore.

What I saw was amazing, the 4-sim Cake Stage, the Lotus Stage, and exhibits of all types. I spent a couple of hours exploring, then I had to leave. SL9B was history and I was pissed. I was pissed at having ignored this event for the previous five years. I was pissed at not having a computer that could handle being there. When I get pissed, I get resolute. I resolved that I would be back for SL10B and this time I would have a presence there. That is why I am here.

Standing below my Resident Input required exhibit minutes before SL10B opens
Resident Input Required grew out of some of the exhibits that I saw at SL9B. It has changed radically from the original design that I had 11 months ago, and even evolved as I was building it. It is designed to be a tribute to the infrastructure and content creators who make the Second Life user experience what it is. I call the top of it the Creative Engine and have listed the different types of content creators there. It may not look like an engine and that is because it was not to be one. The exhibit was going to be a static display, but then I had trouble linking it all together. I decided to make the tower rotate since it was separate from the base.

"The theme this year is "Looking Forward, Looking Back." It is easy to look back and see where we have been. It is harder to look forward and see exactly where we are going. What are you looking forward to in your SL. in the short-term and in the long-term?"

In the short-term, I am looking forward to fulfilling my goal this year to "Make Something Magical". Resudent Input Required is not magical. I have ideas for some things that would be. Hopefully, by the end of the year, at least one of them will be completed.

In the long-term, I am looking forward to getting more involved with content creators in Second Life. I have much to learn, and hope to gain knowledge and collaborate on projects with some of the best that Second Life has to offer. 

These are just a three of the questions that I will be asking some of the creators here at SL10B. My interviews with them start tonight. The first round of people that I will be interviewing includes:

Marianne McCann, sim-coordinator for the Beguile sim and creator of the Second Life History Walk, and Bay City History Pavilion exhibit among others.
Whiskey Monday, Creator of the Single Frame Stories exhibit on the Wonderous sim, and 
KT Syakumi, Senior Lead of SL10B, creator of the DJ (Reactor) Stage and the Awesome and Incredible sims.

The first f these interviews will be posted in a couple of hours. Check back soon.

- Linsey

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