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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Ever-lasting Story

Yesterday afternoon, word came that Ever Dreamscape had passed away on May 8th. I will admit that Ever and I were not friends, barely even acquaintances. However, I did follow her posts to her SL Feed. The best way to describe Ever is that she was a storyteller. The pictures she posted usually told a story, Often these stories were humorous and sometimes, informative. Like a good skit comedian, she had recurring characters that appeared in her stories. There was the woman in the pink robe with curlers in her hair, the news anchorwoman for Etv, and the wide-mouthed promoter of events in Bay City, where she made her home.

While I did not know Ever, I did find the way she told her stories to be inspiring. I have tried to do the kind of storytelling that she did a couple of times. It can be very hard. I have no idea how long she spent working on some of her storylines, but it is clear form some of them that she did put a good deal of effort into them.

Probably the most memorable of these photo stories that she told was done early last year. A friend of hers (who is also a friend of mine) had been gone from SL for an extended period of time. Rather than make a post to the friend's page, telling her she was missed, Ever did much more. She made missing person posters and plastered them around Bay City, then did an Etv news segment on the hunt for her missing friend. I was extremely moved by the effort that Ever put into that story. I had never seen anything like it in SL and probably won't for a long time.

Ever was a very unique individual, even in a place like Second Life. From the costumes she wore to her penchant for blowing things up or burning things down, she was always changing and never predictable. From the posts that have been made on the SL Feed since news of her passing was announced, it is clear that her presence will be deeply missed.

Late last night, I went to the makeshift memorial that had been set up in Bay City. There were still a few people there when I arrived. While I was standing there, I looked at the SL Feed to see what others had been posting. One of the posts from a friend of mine was a link to a blog post my friend had made. On that blog post, my friend had included a link to a blog entry that Ever had made back in March. Titled "Hero's Journey", it was a story by Ever. In fact, it was her story. The story of her journey through life, with its ups and downs, twists and turns. A story about trying to find that elusive place called home. Through her story, I finally got to know about Ever.

When I finished reading, I looked around, and everyone else was gone. I was alone to think about what I had just read. Even at the end, Ever has given me a shining spark of inspiration. There may never be another one like Ever Dreamscape. Her journey in Second Life and the real world is over. However, the stories that she told may live on.  Stay tuned.....

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  1. I, like you, wasn't a friend or acquaintance of Ever's, only followed her feed. But I stayed up late last night reading her whole blog. Her "Hero's Journey" served to remind me, yet again, of the human people, feelings, emotions, and frailties behind all avatars, in this unique world we populate. May God bless her always <3

  2. For someone who says she was "barely even acquaintances" with Ever you certainly pegged her well. Thank you for sharing, Linsey. Many hugs.

  3. Lindsey, Ever was infectious. One could not help but love her. She was the child in adult clothing, the class clown, the free spirit (we all talk about but she was) and she was highly intelligent. A person did not need to know of her for long without feeling the warmth of her personality. Ever let you love her, it couldn't be helped, it just happened.
    As a tribute to her intelligence it is worth the journey to travel through these videos she posted on youtube especially "Leaf"

    Ever was Crystal and Crystal was Ever, what you saw was the real thing.

    Lindsey never let anyone tell you that you didn't know Ever, as Uccie said "you pegged her well". You have captured more of her than some of her so called friends.
    I never met Nelson Mandela, but it doesn't stop me from singing his praise. Let no one tell you different.

    Her last series of posts scared me and we talked a lot about it. She never once told me just how ill she was. Her last post left me with a sense of foreboding. I miss her presence and the knowledge she is just a mouse click away.

    Thank you for writing this Lindsey ♥