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Monday, May 5, 2014

SL11B: A Call to be Creative.

There was a post on the SL Community Celebration website a few days ago that caught my eye. It was entitled "To Potential Exhibitors". In it, there is a call for exhibitors to be more creative this year. To quote from the end of the post:

if you’re a graphic artist who runs a business, think of bringing in the art you haven’t shown. If you’re a builder, think of doing up the kind of exhibit that indulges your creative dreams. If you’re a photographer, tell a story with your photos rather than showing off your photos. This is a “once a year” party, and your submission should feel like it belongs at a celebration. Show everyone how the empire of the future is the empire of the mind.
Celebrate with your creativity this amazing space offers us. See you at the Celebration!"
With the number of sims being reduced from 20 to 11 this year, it is more imperative that those that are truly creative be featured. Last year, there were a lot of exhibits that were just smaller versions of exhibits that creators had done before. Along with that, there were a number of blatantly commercial exhibits last year that had nothing to do with the theme. This year, hopefully, will be a true showcase of two of the things that make Second Life great: Creativity and Community. 
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