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Friday, May 9, 2014

Introducing... The Weekend Caption Meme

Yes, I know. You are rolling your eyes. Not another meme. Yes, there are tons of memes out there. But as the name of the studio suggests, one of the things that I hope to do is inspire others to be creative. this meme will be short and simple. It is a variation on Whiskey Monday and Botgirl Questi's Single Frame Stories" but a lot less abstract.

So here is how it will work:

1. On Thursday afternoon or evening (yes, I am late with the first one) I will post a suggestion for a caption for a picture. A lot of times it will be a fill in the blank or a phrase.
2. Take a picture and use the suggested caption for the picture or but it in the description of the picture if posting to Flickr  or some other photo-sharing website.
3. Drop a link to the picture in the comments section here or on the post on my SL Feed.
4. Have fun.

That's it. Now fir the rules.

1. The meme runs between the time that the suggestion is made until Sunday night.
2. Keep it clean. What you post is a reflection on you, not me. but please keep your pictures clean. I hate policing my SL Feed and the comments section of this blog.
3. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid). This is not a contest to see how abstract you can be or what you can do with Photoshop or GIMP. The idea is to have fun. The less time and more creative you can be in the surroundings around you, the better.
4. You may post links to as many pictures as you like as long as they have different and unique captions. Try to be different. Think outside the box and put a different spin on the suggestion.

So, let's get this started. In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday. the caption for this weekend is:

Mother said "__________" (fill in the blank with your own phrase)

To get you started, here are a couple of "inspirational" videos.

Have fun.

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