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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SL11B: Now the Waiting Begins

Yesterday at noon SLT was the application deadline for exhibitors, performers, presenters and volunteers for SL11B. I submitted my application for my exhibit weeks ago. I had been debating whether to do a presentation in the Auditorium. I had been back ad forth on the idea. My decision was finally settled yesterday about 30 minutes before the application deadline when my cable company started work down the road and cut off internet access.

So now I wait to see if my exhibitor application is accepted. Unlike last year, this year it looks like the next few days are going to be a nervous time for many of the applicants, including myself. According to a post on the SL Community Celebration website last night, there were 426 exhibitor applications received and there are only 243 spots for them. Even if you exclude the duplicate applications  and applications for exhibits that are commercial or promotional in nature, that still leaves a lot of good exhibits out of this year's celebration.

While it can be debated whether that is a good thing or not, especially after some of the exhibits that were included in SL10B, it does mean that exhibitors have to make a choice. Assume that you are going to be in and start work on your exhibit or wait to start until you know that you have been selected. As for me, I have decided to start work on my exhibit this weekend. If I make it in, that will be wonderful. If I don't make it in,  then I may still use the exhibit at a future date. the sims open to exhibitors on May 30, so 9 or less days of waiting for all of those who submitted applications.

Good luck to all those who submitted applications for SL11B. I am sure that it will be amazing this year.

- Linsey

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